Project Name: Old Quay

Location: Devon, U.K.

Date Completed: 2018

Architect: Gillespie Yunnie Architects

Construction Company: Mark Wilson

This new build property was situated within an area of outstanding natural beauty. The owners of this new build home wanted to maximise the view across the river that their home was situated adjacent to. The build was initially planned to be a renovation of an existing property but after investigation, the site was discovered to have a high flood risk and the desired property design wouldn’t be feasible. Therefore, the owners wanted to create a new build property to replace the existing one, and this time measures needed to be put in place to ensure there were no longer the same flood risk levels.

The clients wanted a multi-layered property that sits low within the hillside to create minimum obstruction to surrounding views, with large elevations of glass to both offer internal occupants fantastic views out over the River Yealm but also draw light in through the river facing elevations. Minimally framed glazing systems were desired to use within this project to create beautifully uninterrupted views of the surrounding landscape.

The owners wanted to create a large family home, but they didn’t want it to stand out too much on the riverside, therefore the architect ensured that colours in the surrounding environment were used on the external façade including natural cold toned stone work that can be seen on the river bed and beautiful wooden cladding that complimented the surrounding greenery.

The owners, architect and construction team needed to overcome the obstacle of the flood risk that the existing property faced, therefore they had to ensure the new build achieved this while creating a beautifully designed family home. However, they also wanted to celebrate being so close to the River Yealm, so a wide array of minimal framed glazing systems were used to make the most of this.