Project Name: Luke Sofa by Munna

Date Completed: January 2019

Designer: Sérgio Mendes (for Munna)

Brand: Munna

The Luke Sofa by Munna is an absolute time capsule of style. A stylish piece of luxury furniture infusing any living space with a higher form of living. Taking cues from the most fashionable scarves and clothing in history, it’s subtle and layered composition create a dynamic and effortlessly stylish presence in any luxurious room. From the half round composition of the arms, to its graceful seat and back curvature, the Luke is a generous 3-seater that will keep its composure no matter how chilled or relaxed you are.

For Munna, the key aspect of this product is the meaningful and timeless design of the piece alongside the handcraft element. The Luke Sofa was designed and handmade in the coastal city of Porto in Portugal. Munna’s designers and craftsmen are committed to delivering only the highest standard upholstery, blending craftsmanship with noble materials and timeless design.

The Luke Sofa is a design statement of style and evocative design. The distinct aesthetic and identity are very much inspired by haute couture. The Luke sofa is suitable for both commercial and residential projects.