Project Name: London Penthouse

Location: London, United Kingdom

Interior Designer: Prestige Architects

Architect: Prestige Architects

Developer: Manhattan Bond

Construction Company: Volute London

With the client being a developer, the challenge of the brief was to ensure the project would be completed on a fixed budget and time frame. Prestige Architects successfully fulfilled the requirement within the budget and within a four-month period for a full refurbishment of the project. It was difficult to work on such a scale within the limited timeframe, but the success of the project and its delivery was extremely impressive to the clients. The fine balance between budget and finishes were the most complex part of the project but the careful selection and Prestige Architects knowhow of utilising the material allowed for a successfully delivery within the parameters.

The property was a three bedroom and two bathroom dated penthouse in the heart of the London W2 area. The main scope of the design was to rationalise the space and create an additional bathroom, together with a better flow within the flat and a new style to the property. Prestige Architects revisited the layout, creating a large connection between the Italian design kitchen with Carrara marble top. The living room and breakfast room now creating a more open plan space and thus resulted in the penthouse feeling like a much larger property with a more practical approach.

All bedrooms have been fitted with bespoke joinery with walnut insert and carcasses to keep the design continuity. Attention to detail was yet again a key player for the project, in this case Prestige Architects focused on material selection and continuity throughout the development. The designers selected the walnut as the one element of flow within the design of the flat, ensuring floor, door architrave and joinery would have this warm wood exposed which keeps continuity to the eye.