Project Name: La Petite Garnier

Location: Monaco

Date Completed: September 2018

Interior Designer: MP Design

Architect: R-House Design

A richly decorated and luxurious private home cinema designed in tribute to the Paris Opera House.

With a brief to design a home cinema in the clients Monegasque ‘Belle Epoque’ villa, with inspiration drawn from Le Palais Garnier. To match the classical opera style to which the room pays tribute, the client requested that the room mimic the similar deep reds and golds tones of the original, whilst matching the detail in the features where possible appreciating the way these enhance the ambience of a room.

Whilst the design aesthetic was important, Perfect Integration were not willing to sacrifice on the performance within the room. Utilising the latest in technology from a hand-picked selection of leading brands providing the amplification, surround processing, speaker technology and projection systems. A small but key element to bring the room together, the lighting. Equal in its importance to the client as the aesthetics and performance of the room. The brief was to design lighting for four different scenes, social use, private use, general use and show-casing, to enhance the space.

The room was carefully proportioned and designed to hide all the speakers behind acoustically transparent fabrics and materials. Within the room, there are 15 speakers, but none are visible. Behind the circular grills on the ceiling, there are four Dolby ATMOS height channels, behind the metal grills, there are four subwoofers. Behind the screen and red panelling, there are another seven speakers. Everything is discrete and fits perfectly, there are no technical or performance compromises and the room looks stunning. The house is a classic Belle Epoque Villa, it suits the house perfectly, yet it stands out as a remarkable room on its own. Complimenting the property, whilst contrasting radically.

Perfect Integration has taken immense pride in the careful design and build of this room. They have created something they are truly excited to share with the world; A striking piece of design, with a completely discrete and incredibly high-performance cinema hidden away. There is incredible design everywhere around us, all with a story to tell.