Project Name: Hills Drive

Location: Englewood, Colorado, USA

Date Completed: March 2018

Interior Designer: Duet Design Group

Architect: Architectural Workshop

Construction Company: C4 Plan, Design Build

The clients aspired for an industrially sophisticated, and yet playfully eclectic environment. The end result is a perfect juxtaposition of unexpected elegance, while still maintaining a truly functional and welcoming home to grow and raise their family. This project was designed for returning clients – a young, couple, pregnant with their first child and their two very large dogs. Duet Design Group faced several challenges while designing this home that they were able to successfully overcome. One of those challenges was the fact that both clients had completely opposing styles – one leaned more towards clean, modern and organized, while the other was pattern driven, colour obsessed and disorganised. This was a project full of compromise!

Another challenge Duet Design Group faced was the fact that the clients were moving from their smaller starter home to a larger and more expansive home, but still wanted to use existing furniture. The designers had to make sure that their smaller scale furniture still worked in the space by mixing them with newer, larger pieces. The two large dogs also presented a challenge during the design selections – Duet Design Group had to choose every material and fixed finish to be durable enough to not be torn up by the dogs. The level of durability the designers had to work with wasn’t typical for them. Overall, even though there were several challenges to overcome, Duet Design Group ended up with a gorgeous and highly functional space for this young family to flourish in.

The library/home office was by far one of the designer’s favourite rooms of the house. The large, almost floor to ceiling window lets in plenty of natural light and showcases the gorgeous, statement lighting and amazing millwork when viewing the room from both inside and out.

Duet Design Group were able to accommodate their colour obsessed client by starting with a neutral coloured base. Most of the walls were white, the flooring was a beautiful, medium-toned hardwood and the tiles used throughout were all different tones of greys and browns. This approach gave Duet Design Group the ability to use many accent colours throughout the house while keeping the design cohesive.