Project Name: High-end Residential Refurbishment in Epsom

Location: Epsom, Surrey

Date Completed: July 2018

Architect: GDL Property

Interior Designer: Mariyan Stoykov, GDL Property

The project was focused on contemporary design and GDL Property were aiming to include the latest innovations in home-automation, which would feature seamlessly throughout the house. GDL Property created a large open-plan living space on the ground floor, which transitions to the outside in the garden, creating a singular experience and ease of communication between its separate parts. They have also included a great variety of entertainment options, both for the occupants of the house in their daily lives, and when socialising with friends and/or colleagues.

Sticking to the contemporary look, GDL Property sourced the best materials possible and sought out the leading furniture designers both in continental Europe and the UK, to create the perfect balance and harmony, which the space has in abundance.

All the furniture throughout the house is bespoke – from the living room sofa, the kitchen cabinets, the beds, the bookcases and the media centre wall, to the enormous walk-in wardrobe. All the shelving units, as well as the wine cellar, have been specifically built to easily display beautiful art pieces and rare wines, showcasing each of them perfectly.

The pastel greys, the dark wood, and all the earth tones in the house, also create a beautiful transition to the outside of the house and the back garden, emitting warmth, despite the usual connotations of coldness. On the contrary, the house as a whole has an extremely welcoming feel, and is easy, even as a guest, to feel right at home, and the home automation system lets you control the house even from the opposite side of the world, creating the house of the future today.

GDL Property believe that the project was so successful because everything done there was created with the end user in mind – the family who occupies the house. All of the features and finishes used, have been used for a specific purpose, not only because of the aesthetic qualities, which makes them even more in-tune with the whole space.