Project Name: The Green House

Location: Devon, England

Date Completed: April 2018

Interior Designer: David Sheppard Architects with Pringle & Pringle – Sophie Ford.

Architect: David Sheppard Architects

Pringle & Pringle were asked to create interiors to complement the property’s incredible architecture and design a space inspired by the natural surroundings, bringing the outside in. The property, a treetop contemporary new build, needed to fit into its environs perfectly. The surrounding views dictated the colour scheme at the front of the house, natural wood flooring and plaster walls allowed the outside to combine seamlessly with the interiors, with only one contrasting hide away room.

The design objectives were to introduce various textures using natural products and finishes throughout the property whilst not compromising on luxury. For example, Bathrooms had to be functional and yet completely relaxing. The children’s rooms were to feel timeless and suitable for both genders, whilst also lending itself as a space for friends to stay. Guest rooms were to be comfortable and flexible to accommodate a demographic of guests.

The property had to be versatile, Pringle and Pringle intended to create areas of space that would allow individuals to escape to read a book, enjoy some quiet time or work from home. The house needed to work for a mix of generations and for the family to grow up in. A play space for children that could evolve into a snug, another space that was adult only, somewhere to wind down in the evenings and entertain friends. Most importantly, the brief was to create a balanced and harmonious space that the family could come and relax away from their busy lives in London.

The is no denying that the incredible view at the back of the house is a key aspect. However, Pringle & Pringle’s favourite aspect is the box room at the point of the house. Originally outdoor storage, the room was later added to the architect’s designs. Pringle & Pringle designed this room to have a completely different feel to the rest of the house. In just this room the walls are covered in dark seagrass, whereas the rest of the house has a special natural plaster finish. The designers incorporated a patterned black and white carpet, a bar and dark painted joinery. The space feels small, dark and cosy and is a complete contrast to the large, light open spaces in the rest of the house.