Project Name: Frost Furniture Collection

Date Completed: 2019

Designer: Gorshkoff Studio

Construction: Arteveneziana

The starting point for this design was a competition organized by Archistudio and ARTEVENEZIANA which Gorshkoff Studio participated in. It was the brief to come up with a coffee table or chest of drawers with a mirror. The competition was held at ArchMoscow in 2018.

The inspiration came from childhood memories, when in winter Gorshkoff Studio saw frosty patterns on the windows. Inspired by this idea, the designers thought that this pattern would be pertinent for this competition on pieces of furniture such as mirrors or a bespoke cabinet. The Italian ARTEVENEZIANA enthusiastically accepted this idea and made a chest of drawers and a mirror for the Milan exhibition. This was Gorshkoff Studio’s first experience and she was pleased that her work was so well received and ARTEVENEZIANA decided to create a whole collection called FROST.

Gorshkoff studio believe that we do not always notice what surrounds us in the natural world. The creation of this collection of furniture makes you pay attention to the simplest things in nature and think about its fragility and that people need to protect it.