Project Name: Eaton Terrace

Location: London, UK

Date Completed: December 2018

Interior Designer: Ana Engelhorn

Construction Company: Akula Developments

This property was for rent, having previously been used as a home and showroom for an interior designer. The tenant therefore wanted to change the use of the breakfast room and garage and to bring life into the interiors. The carpets were taken out in all rooms except the children’s and the 200-year-old hardwood floor was restored. All rooms were painted with the kitchen and living room sharing a green and pink scheme. The overall design brief was daring but also elegant through harmonious combination of colours, furniture and texture. All curtains were replaced which gave the house a new lease of life with stark colours and materials.

Ana Engelhorn Interior Design explained that it was a risk to take away all the carpets and see the state of the flooring underneath, however this eventually paid off when the work was completed. The scope of work was only apparent once it was all removed, plenty of nails had to be extracted and it also could not be sanded down by a machine, but the restored flooring gives the house back its claim on history. The natural colour of the wood balances the colourful walls. The rich and sometimes darker colours give the rooms elegance and seriousness. With the yellow hallway giving the owners a light and cheerful entrance to the house.

Although no lighting specialists were involved it was important to include feature lighting. There were only provisions for down lights and well lights, but Ana Engelhorn Interior Design decided to hand chandeliers as decorative elements. London is full of period buildings rich in history. In a modern age of technology, it is important to remember the romance of the past. The design accentuates the history of the building and the area it stands on.