Project Name: Designer’s House

Location: Toronto

Date Completed: April 2018

Interior Designer: Svetlana Tryaskina

Construction Company: Day & Night Construction Ltd.

A dramatic transformation of a 2500 sq. Ft. Toronto private residence.

The designer working on her own home looked-for a bold design while ensuring it was still inviting and comfortable at the same time.  She wanted her house to represent her style, show different products and techniques to her clients, demonstrate how to pair materials and textures and be confident in the design. The space flows and evolves yet manages to maintain a luxurious calm. The overall design goal was to create an elegant, artful and very inviting space with a comfortable atmosphere. Architectural interest was added with clever details by incorporating textures, patterns and art on the ceiling and walls. The space itself feels confident and free of any rules. Collections of art and accessories, lamps, pillows and throws add a sense of affluence and comfort to the overall feel of the house.

Estee Design added endless amounts of fine details from installing Venetian plaster to the walls and ceilings in several different areas of the house, to designing custom millwork units and a vanity. The beautiful wallcoverings throughout the home add texture and give depth to the rooms.

A bespoke media unit above the custom marble fireplace mantle stops the large TV from dominating the calm and serene space. Using a Toronto artist to create a sunburst plaster installation on top of the sliding panel makes it look like framed art. The understated, yet sumptuous piece means the large TV is now completely hidden behind this beautiful bespoke artwork.

Every good design starts with the purpose and a good layout, with small changes to the existing floor plan Estee Design manage to separate and form distinctive areas of the house to improve the flow and create logic for better use of the space. Estee Design continues this practical approach to every room in the house, and once the layout was satisfactory the design touches were added making sure each room had its own personality but with the overall integrity of design flow.