Project name: Cottage Renovation

Location: December 2017

Date Completed: Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Interior Designer:  Elizabeth Wixom, Kimberly Rasmussen (Establish Design)

Construction Company:  Brandon Bodell Construction

Designed to share the love of cooking, a space drenched in light where family and friends gather to be elevated, loved and nourished.

A family of six with deep Norwegian roots found a charming salt box cottage home located in the loveliest of neighbourhoods. Loving the idea of the cottage, the home owner purchased the home and set out to grow it to a house accommodating their family and lifestyle. With a love for the quaint original structure and its surroundings, this homeowner’s goals included creating a masterpiece with a flawless transition between the old and the new.

Establish Designs main goal for this space was to diminish the line between the outdoor and indoor spaces. Windows were designed to not only let in light but add charm and a peek at the gardens at every turn. The kitchen needed to be able to host family and friends often. The flow of the kitchen was of great importance, it needed to be ready for everyday use as well as for accommodating large crowds.

From the design conception, Establish Design realised this home was to evolve into a refuge from the bustle of life. The kitchen would be a place where the family could convene; to slow down and remember life’s importance and share their love of cooking and entertaining. With these requirements in mind, Establish Design set out to curate the finest materials and craftsmen to see this vision become a reality.

The overarching goal was to create a space where each detail signified a deeper meaning. Every glance unveils details which elevate all who enter in. Platters on display tell a story of family meals, and dishes shine through pained glass representing a thoughtful table scape for Christmas dinner. Collected art graces the walls, and refined white oak floors add additional depth. The finest honed marble slabs adorn the walls and counters. Cabinetry was custom designed for beauty and functionality. Each element creates harmony through the use of a thoughtful colour palette, refined textures, and finishes all culminating in a light-drenched kitchen.