Project Name: Chiswick Family Victorian House

Location: Chiswick, London

Date Completed: February 2018

Interior Designer: Moretti Interior Design Ltd

Architect: RawSpace Architects

Construction Company: AWAD UK Ltd

Moretti Interior Design were hired to complete a full refurbishment of a four storey Victorian house to create a new and contemporary family home in West London. The brief was to design a contemporary space with elements of a Nordic and Mid-Century style for a family of four. The client wanted to keep the external clean lines of the typical Victorian feature but to adapt that to their own style. The idea was to create an airy spacious home with neutrals walls and add interest with pops of colour and different textures throughout.

The house needed to be both practical and stylish at the same time. The core of the house is the kitchen, where the client wanted to have a wide space to entertain people during parties and at the same time a space for the kids to play. The client wanted also to show his wine’s collection and be able to drink with his friends like they are in a wine bar. For this reason, a specific wine room with marble worktop, stools and a clear glass door have been designed in order to create a feature space inside the house.

Moretti Interior Design added some colour to construction beams, that appeared a constraint at the beginning of the design, but instead become a feature and an integrated part of the interior scheme. The reception room colour scheme was inspired by a client painting and the aim of this space was to integrate the contemporary look with some Mid-Century furniture; a space where to relax in the evenings and weekends. Upstairs, for the client’s master bedroom, a walk-in wardrobe was designed to be linked with the colour scheme downstairs.

Moretti Interior Design’s favourite aspect was to be able to merge the client’s different personalities and create places where the can each enjoy their separate hobbies but also areas dedicated to spending time with the family, such as the kitchen. The design works so well because Moretti Interior Design have transformed the space making it interesting, airy, spacious and stylish.