Project Name: Berkshire Residence

Location: Berkshire, UK

Date Completed: 2018

Interior Designer: Jenny Allan Design

This Georgian home in Berkshire was designed with a classic contemporary style in harmony with the property’s countryside location. Jenny Allan Design were asked to create a scheme which would work for all the family. The design brief was to create a classic contemporary interior with a luxurious but homely appeal. The clients asked for the scheme to be elegant but also to have a slightly rustic edge particularly in the more informal open plan kitchen, living and dining area.

The brief was to keep a neutral colour palette throughout, with different tones and textures to create interest and depth. Many fabric and material combinations were used, including lambswool and angora as well as ceramic and stone accessories. In the more formal areas such as the drawing room, velvet was included as well as delicate silk fabrics to evoke a glamorous, timeless look. The clients specifically asked for all case goods to have a dark finish, so a satin ebony was chosen which complemented the overall style of the interior and contrasted well against the light colour scheme.

In the master bedroom sitting area there was a large curved bay window so curved sofas were installed which mirrored the window’s circumferences as well as a circular upholstered ottoman to reflect this aspect of the house’s architecture. This type of attention to detail was vital for the design and the Jenny Allan Design team achieved this despite a very tight 5-week timescale from design to installation where they worked around the clock in order to meet the deadline.

It was important to create a consistent flow through the house to ensure the brief was met and the design was cohesive. #The design integrates into the wider environment and location by cohesive selection of materials chosen for every room in the house. Combining beautiful pieces of upholstered furniture with a slight additional rustic charm to make the interiors blend with the design of the house and its out of town location.