Project Name: Ash

Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

Interior Designer: Duet Design Group

Construction Company: K Andrew Construction

By blending both clients’ competing design preferences, Duet Design Group transformed this traditional home into a beautiful, bright, and contemporary Tudor space.

A young couple was eager to transform this 1920’s Tudor inspired ch√Ęteau into a clean, functional, classic oasis. While initially drawn to the inherent architectural character throughout, they still yearned for spaces that infused both iconic Mid-Century design and collectible furnishings. Duet Design Group strived to delicately combine all of these styles into a cohesive and holistic palette.

The foundation for the spaces were ideal, but the function was not suitable for what this couple needed. An entirely remodelled kitchen and master bathroom helped alleviate some of their woes. The home had been through three previous renovations, so the wish to aesthetically unify the previous work was paramount. A splattering of innovative wall coverings, deep shades of navy, red, and yellows, throughout added to the unexpected charm of this now playful English Tudor.

Unexpected light fixtures, as well as an eclectic mix of finishes and metals in the kitchen added charm and character to the spaces. The design incorporated a piece of mid-century in every room, alongside more transitional accent pieces, while never over-staging the classic Tudor architecture. The rich, navy built-in bookcases in the library really make an impressive statement when one first enters the house. These impactful tones are carried throughout the house to add depth to an otherwise neutral toned home.

During the design process, Duet Design Group made a conscious effort to honour the original architecture of the home. In lieu of avoiding the authentic shapes and arches throughout the home, the designers embraced and complemented them with the pieces they added.