Project name: anon 1831 farmhouse

Location:  Moerlenbach, Germany

Date Completed: October 31st, 2018

Architect: Jannet Butzinger

Interior designer: Jannet Butzinger

This typical style Farmhouse, set in the rolling hills outside Heidelberg, Germany, was purchased by the clients to live in the next phase of their active lifestyle; gardening, enjoying nature and walking their dog in the beautiful wooded hills. The house had been rebuilt 20 years ago from the ground up, to replace the rotten timbers and decaying clay plaster, but the interiors left much to be desired. The clients wanted an interior that was durable for the country, elegant, yet understated and had a touch of the Hamptons, using as much ecological materials as possible plus all the modern conveniences of a new home. Jannet Butzinger Innenarchitektur chose to modernise the interiors using natural organic materials with simple lines, keeping true to the structure. She wanted the modern interiors to give the feeling of being handcrafted.

All the exposed timber was white washed to get rid of the heavy darker oak feeling. Sandblasted French limestone was chosen to use throughout for its durability and to give a light elegant feel. Grey washed-oak wood flooring was used in the living room and upstairs. Jannet Butzinger Innenarchitektur designed a crisscross of wood planks and limestone in the winter garden to connect the wood floor in the living room, with the limestone in the kitchen and front hall. Jannet designed all the built-in furniture and some of the hardwood furniture pieces to give a cohesive whole to the design. Simple yet interesting pieces, that were to function for the owner’s specific requirements. To soften the hard edges, upholstered furniture in natural linens were used throughout.

The key aspect of this project for Jannet Butzinger Innenarchitektur was breathing life back into this old home. The design worked so well as Jannet remained sensitive to the historic value of this house, the interiors needed to be authentic. Using natural organic materials is how this home would have been furnished in the past. Even though understated, the interiors still have that wow effect.  One feels completely comfortable and secure while admiring the charming surroundings. Old and new are perfectly combined here.