Project Name: 113 EA

Location: London

Date Completed: June 2018

Interior Designer: Studio Sidika

Kitchen Design: Shroeder

This project involved the redesign and redecoration of a kitchen in London. The clients, a French couple with two you children, wanted the inside spaces to merge with the outside spaces to benefit from the roof top views that this property benefits from, reminiscent of many Parisian properties.

Studio Sidika removed an internal wall to enlarge the kitchen space and create an open plan kitchen/dining area which would eventually become the heart of the house. The designers also installed Critall doors that open out onto the terrace area, consolidating the open plan feel of the kitchen area and exposing the room to maximum natural light.

The aspect of spaciousness in the kitchen / dining area is intensified by the splashback panel which is created from antiqued fortified mirrors which adds textures to a very streamlined German-made kitchen. The dining area previously was small and awkward because of the slanted roof, therefore Studio Sidika designed a bespoke banquette with under storage to maximise seating spaces and kitchen storage.

Studio Sidika’s key idea for this kitchen was to create a meeting point for all the family, where children can play, and the clients can cook and entertain friends simultaneously. The hidden storage throughout this area also means that any clutter can be hidden away for certain occasions. The design works well, as Studio Sidika have transformed the area into a great space for family time and entertaining. It has a very cosy feel and the rooftop views have been wonderful framed by the round window and two other Critall doors.

The kitchen and dining space ties in well with the rest of the house which has a Scandinavian style with some French touches. The colours are muted and serene with some splashes of bold colours. The feel of the house is very light, pared back and art has been given a strong focus as one of the owners is a French artist.