Project Name: Wilanowska Apartment

Location: Warsaw

Interior Designer: Patrycja Suszek-Raczowska

Architect: Jems Architects

Developer: Rogowski Development

Construction Company: Erbud S.A.

This unique Warsaw’s apartment is situated in a small settlement hidden behind a row of apartment buildings along the main street. The architect did not plan a contemporary interior design, but the characteristic architecture of Openwork Shutters Estate by JEMS Architects focused her thinking. Indeed, her favourite ‘stylish’ elements helped to form the apartment, but the modern base emerged from the context of the architecture. The owner has an extensive background in fine arts resulting in the apartment being washed with vivid colours which are complemented by natural shades of the exterior.

To emphasize the impression of spaciousness and openness, inspired by a characteristic glazing unique to JEMS, the architect combined the kitchen with the living room and a bedroom with a private bathroom. The second bathroom, intended for children and guests had been locked in a cube, which is in the centre of the apartment. The apartment also has a garden which is accessible from all three bedrooms as well as the living room. The biggest challenge was to integrate the garden into the apartment as a natural extension. The design created an additional bedroom without sacrificing on functions and spaciousness. Every single partition wall was moved creating multiple synergies in utilizing the corridor.

Every single piece of furniture in this apartment is designed by Poco Design and crafted by carpentry workshops that specialise in custom made furniture. The architect designed handles, undercutting, and milling and wallpapers were brought from Europe and oversees. The wallpaper used for the closet in the bedroom is one of three unique designs by a New Zealand artist. The design corresponds with the overall facade of the building. Its Cedar Openwork Shutter System is mimicked and repeated indoors by using Zehnder’s Charleston heaters and natural colours throughout the interior. The architects’ courage resulted in unprecedented interior that combines both styles and spaces.