Project Name: Surrey Residence

Location: Surrey, United Kingdom

Date Completed: 2017

Interior Designer: Celine Estates

This project involved the redesign of a luxurious mansion located in Surrey, England. Celine Estates were asked to re-design the common areas, the living areas and bedrooms with the limitation that the project design would need to be completed within three weeks, and the installation within two weeks, this was the first and largest challenge for the designers and the whole team. The time limit really meant that all suppliers and contractors had to be fully on board and support the team’s overall scheme and it also meant that we had to have more than just the design team involved right from the concept stage to ensure that what was proposed could actually be realised. The clients wanted to achieve a luxury look but maintain a comfortable and inviting feel as the home would be used for entertaining and simultaneously a family base.

Celine Estates’ favourite aspect of the project was mixing the strong cobalt blue colours into the neutral palette. The designers believe that the particular mixture of colour worked very well as it allowed the client to change the accent colour quite easily at a later date and rearrange the scheme if ever needed. Working with such rich tones and textures in each space really allowed the team to get fully involved with a large range of different fabrics and subsequently fabric suppliers who were able to work with the team on an incredibly tight deadline but that supported the whole interior design scheme and was crucial to the finished product. Celine Estates believe that the design integrates perfectly into its location and wider environment, the property is set on a very prestigious road within Surrey. The home shouts out luxury yet is nevertheless a family home which is exactly how the design is targeted, and how the clients wanted their home to be, a perfect paradox of glamour and homely comfort.

Celine Estates believe that the design works extremely well because it combines luxury with real living, making the vast property look cosy and homely, yet luxurious. This is where the real beauty of the project is evoked.