Project Name: Polar Light – 2018 Collection

Location: London

Date Completed: March 2018

Ice formations and organic structures informed the idiosyncratic textures of these elegant fabrics. Diffused winter sunbeams sparked Chase Erwin’s passion for rose quartz highlights amongst luxurious colours inspired by the landscape in Iceland. The basis for Chase Erwin’s Polar Light collection was to produce an elegant and sophisticated fabric collection, with a nod to nature, specifically Iceland, and an intention to elevate the interiors for designers and clients globally.

Chase Erwin’s favourite aspect of the project is the sophisticated colour palette and subtle surface textures of the textiles which are effortlessly versatile. The Polar Light collection combines a subtle element of colour and texture with a beautiful touch, the fabric drapes fluidly, and evokes a smart and tailored timeless look.

The fabric collection effortlessly integrates with all other materials found in an interior space. Whether it’s complementing hard surfaces such as concrete, marble or timber, or reflective products such as glass and lighting, the fabrics quietly allow the whole scheme to come together by use of layering and tonal qualities that highlight key pieces.