Project Name: Phoenix Mansion

Location: Hang Zhou, China

Date Completed: May 2017

Interior Designer: Matthew Carlisle

Architects: Gad Yuhong Wang, Wei Zhang, Yu Jiang

Developer: Hangzhou Greentown Fengqi Properties Co.Ltd.

Construction Company: Yaohua Architecture

Phoenix Mansion is located at the intersection of Fengqi Road and East Huancheng Road, the property benefits from a beautiful view over the Tiesha River. The whole project is made up of two plots in the south and in the north, covering an area of 140,000m2. There are 6 urban apartments, 1 business property and 33 traditional Chinese residences. Inheriting the prosperity of Qiantang over eight hundred years, Phoenix Mansion residence has upgraded the level of urban traditional Chinese residence. It highlights landscape garden design and considers both natural taste and cultural integration, so as to build a habitat for your heart in the city.

The urban apartment of Phoenix Mansion is modern and innovative, based on a full understanding of dwelling and client needs. Resort hotel elements are introduced to public spaces such as the main entrance and the stilted storey. Indoor space and landscape orientation are designed according to local conditions to ensure that all residents share the view of the Tiesha River. Being the historical core for hundreds of years, this area has profound spirit and high value that has stood the test of time.

Greentown is the benchmark for luxury properties in China, and Hangzhou is the headquarters. Phoenix Mansion is the company’s most high-end project and so makes efforts to create modernized life conception for the elite in the urban centre. Greentown conducts detailed researches from three perspectives – architectural planning and design, interior design, and landscape design. By organizing an international expert team consisting of GAD, CDS, BF, Ueyakado Landscape and Suzhou Institute of Landscape Architecture Design, Phoenix Mansion interprets oriental architectural culture with modern philosophy and international perspective.

Phoenix Mansion, located in city gate of Hangzhou features many historical elements. The property borders an ancient moat in the East, adjoined to an antique Chaoming Temple in the West with distinguished history, obtains abundant original buildings in the 1980s, and experiences busy marketplaces with a hive of activity. The design for this project intends to combine complexity with diversity, to display the core of “oriental sight”, however, “sight” is subtle and immaterialized. When co-designed by designers from China, Japan, England and Singapore, the perspective of the East and the West, “oriental appeal” changes in unity.