Project Name: Mountain Residence

Location: Park City Utah

Date completed: November 2017

Architect: Shope Reno Wharton

Interior Designer: Lucas Eilers Design associates, LLP: Lead Designer – Sandra Lucas, de Gournay

Project Designers: Melanie Anderson and Kelly Walker

Construction Company: Craig Construction Company

Three layers of torn paper create the artistic handmade wall covering designed for the dining room of this home high in the mountains above Park City.  Inspired by historic cave paintings found throughout Utah, the walls depict hunters and gatherers, animals, and organic forms that represent the primitive life recorded by early inhabitants centuries ago. Lucas/Eilers Design Associates selected their favourite images from the petroglyphs for the overall layout of the design of the wall covering. The result is a very warm and unique space filled with both whimsy and history.

Lucas/Eilers Design Associates long-time, preferred wall covering vendor, de Gournay, embraced collaborating with them on this project. de Gournay suggested gently tearing the crude designs into handmade paper rather than simply painting them on the surface. de Gournays idea proposed a top layer to provide the most prominent taupe colour, with a middle layer of a darker taupe to give depth. Both taupe layers were then applied on a bottom layer of black.  The edges of the layers were burnished and sanded to give a blended and ancient appearance.

The custom wall covering complements the dining room full of rich, warm mountain textures integrated with subtle Western elements. The history of the paintings mixed with contemporary and eclectic furnishings creates an enjoyable balance in the design. Lucas/Eilers Design Associates favourite aspect of the project is the customisation and extensive detail that went in to the design of the wall covering. The unique design is native to the region of Utah and mixes well with the warm mountain colours and textures that were used throughout the home.

Lucas/Eilers Design Associates integrated the design of the wall covering with each of the adjoining spaces in the home. The warm textures combined with subtle Western elements are represented in each space. Lucas/Eilers Design Associates knew the direction of the entire design would focus on significant art and local colour of the region. The result is a simple and substantial interior to balance the breath-taking view of the mountains.