Project Name: McRae Mews

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Date Completed: Fall 2017

Interior Designer: Janie Hungerford

Architect: Margot Innes Consultants

A dysfunctional town house was given a modern makeover by drastically altering the layout and modernizing the dated interior. A stunning, colourful stair runner became the focal point in the entryway, while the living spaces transformed into airy, open, inviting rooms.

Architecturally, McRae Mews had to ensure that the challenges with the existing structure were corrected. Significant design decisions were made from an architectural standpoint in order to address some of the most crucial issues. In order to bring natural light into the rooms and make the home feel larger, the windows on the main living floor were raised to meet the drop ceiling, providing vertical length to the room.

The homeowners of McRae Mews were downsizing and wanted their new space to feel as open as their previous family home. Pre-renovation, McRae Mews was entirely closed off and featured blinding 70s d├ęcor. The challenge at McRae Mews was the dysfunction of the architecture. Hungerford Interior Design applied a two-pronged approach to the design, rethinking the entire layout and designing with an aesthetic that merged the sophistication and taste of the homeowners, one whom was a classically trained French Chef. To initiate the design process Hungerford Interior Design gleaned information about her clients goals for the space by speaking with them about their desired lifestyle and observing their day-to-day activity and behaviour, allowing her to map out their vision for a traditional European, and contemporary inspired home. Scouring through personal treasures and old family photos, Hungerford Interior Design dug deep to pinpoint the defining details and conceptualized a space that would reflect the homeowners intimately.

While colour inspired by the couple’s travels and personal history flows throughout the space, it is the home’s entryway that is the feature statement. A bright, multi-coloured, handmade runner, designed and commissioned by Hungerford Interior Design, travels up the main entryway stairs. Imaginative and dramatic, the runner creates a bold statement in the front of the home. As Hungerford Interior Design prides itself on taking a completely distinct approach with each home – from the materials, colour palette, furniture and decor elements used, this exceptionally unique and admired feature of the home will never be duplicated.