Project Name: Laurence Chair
Location: Portugal
Date Completed: April 2018
Submitted By: Green Apple Home Style
Designer: Raquel Carvalho

Sometimes all things come together. It is a wonderful feeling to transpose to real life, all that keeps running back and forward in the back of our minds. All that we can’t leave behind. The Laurence chair encapsulates this. It is the result of concept plus comfort. It is an all-round chair, with multiple usages and possibilities. Green Apple Home Style have released a chair with a luxury feel and modern functionality.

The Laurence chair was designed and developed by Raquel Carvalho for Green Apple Home Style, with the idea of mirroring the female form in a piece of luxurious seating. The creative approach was driven by the challenge to balance and harmonize shape and functionality. To simulate the same impulse that drives the eye through the female body. Intimacy. One can notice the shape metamorphosis from the lower back, to the thigh, ending on the stiletto, or change perspective and discover another vivid contour. “It must be more than a beautiful four leg armchair. it must be meaningful. One to be noticed.” – Raquel Carvalho.

This piece was designed to be a sensorial trigger. Laurence is more than an ornament. It has purpose and versatility. Tailored handmade with premium materials, this all-round chair can do multiple jobs. In the dining room or in the bedroom, it can be used and ‘dressed’ in several ways, never losing its noble identity. The solid construction provides comfort and durability and a coherent relationship between size and weight. These principles are the foundation to accommodate comfortably, any user’s stance for an extended period of time. Laurence prospers in any environment. This chair makes the room come alive, spreading grace and sensibility. Born to be exposed, the elegant silhouette of this chair enhances the room around it, as a unique piece of furniture should.