Project Name: ‘’Hidden Gem’’ A hidden couture estate in Ramsey Lake’’

Location: Ramsey Lake, Sunbury, A city North of Toronto Canada

Date Completed: September 2017

Interior Designer: Nathalie Tremblay of Atelier Cachet

Architect: Roch Belair

Construction Company: Zulich & Atelier Cachet

Atelier Cachet was commissioned to design the interior of the 14,000 square foot estate, develop design concepts & schematic and create a boutique hotel look and feel that was an expression of the couple’s personality, energy and their lifestyle. The design vision had to be modern, inspiring with clean lines, while creating impact and maximum comfort. A large number of items in the property were designed bespoke by the Atelier Cachet team to create the ultimate in luxury living. The home is a private retreat for the family and at the same time a magical setting for entertaining guests, friends and family. This hidden gem offers multiple luxury experiences inside and out that evokes happiness, beauty and style.

Hidden Gem’. A hidden couture estate in Ramsey lake, A city North of Canada. Atelier Cachet favourite aspect of the project was designing and implementing strong architectural elements throughout including the custom 3D metal screens, the black wide wood runner on the ceiling and up the wall, the wood panelling on the walls, the columns wrapped with wood panels and a chrome belt insert, the asymmetrical composition of the marble fireplace mantle and stone wall, the transparent wine cellar glass enclosure and the smoke glass window wall.  The infusion of these key elements adds dimension, depth, proportions, gravity, textures and interest to a vast open floor plan. It frames views and clearly defines the vertical and horizontal line planes of this voluminous space. These impactful elements bring style, attitude, luxury and gives the home a strong distinctive pulse.

The key challenges we had were the overall complexity of the project and to seamlessly integrated all the intricate design elements without compromising or having a disconnection between the design and construction. High level of craftsmanship and artisan skills were required for the project. Constant interaction focus and collaboration work with the design team, sub-contractors and consultants was essential for the vision to come to life and the success of the project. The joinery throughout has a unified style for a seamless appearance.