Project name:  Interior Marketing Group

Location:  New York City

Date Completed: April 2018

Architect: Paris Forino

Interior Designer: Cheryl Eisen

Developer: Todd Cohen and Terrence Lowenberg

The Forbes Mansion is a home with rich history. Built in 1847, this property represents a marked migration as wealthy New Yorkers began constructing wide brownstone mansions above Washington Square. The home has now been meticulously renovated, remastered and reimagined through design, while still paying homage to its storied grandeur.

The masterful six level interior of the Forbes Mansion was thoughtfully decorated by Interior Marketing Group to highlight the property’s most astounding features. Key design elements including, varying shades of neutral colours, low, customised furniture, one-of-a-kind art pieces, and statement light fixtures that accentuate the mansion’s grandeur. The space is designed with the potential buyer in mind to create a home tailored for sophisticated living.

In the great room, custom artwork and furniture pieces were crafted by the Interior Marketing Group team specifically for the double height, 22.5 foot-ceiling room. Bespoke creations include a four-canvas, larger-than-life painting spanning over 15 feet in height. The piece was hand-crafted by two artists who created an ombre “confetti” effect in complementary tones. The space is illuminated by a striking chandelier centred above the modular, functional seating and is anchored by a 9’6”x7’ coffee table. The two artists working on the project achieved the “confetti” effect by tearing several yards of canvas with their hands. They then painted and modge-podged the pieces to the larger canvases. The four canvases were then sent to site individually and mouldings were cut by the artists at the warehouse, and a handyman framed all four of the canvases together on-site.

Interior Marketing Groups fabrication department designed and created the table with Formica Black Riftwood and finished it with a Chemetal brushed golden aluminium cross. Throughout the rest of the residence, the Interior Marketing Group’s team selected and tailor-made unique, high quality pieces to create an elegant, yet timeless feel from the home-theatre to the rooftop terrace.