Project Name: Flint Hall

Location: Warwickshire, UK

Date Completed: June 2017

Interior Designer: Peter Staunton

Peter Staunton Interior Design were instructed to design a contemporary family home that was both relaxed for everyday family living, whilst striking and functional for regular entertaining. It was also required that the project be suitable for holding the clients company corporate events. The designers really wanted to push the clients’ boundaries on contemporary design as the clients have historically opted for a more classic and traditional design. As the space was intended to be used for all different kinds of guests, the designers wanted to appeal to a wider audience.

As the house was big enough to accommodate dedicated rooms, rather than the need to be multi-functional, each room needed to be tailored exactly to how they would be used, allowing for more creative choice for design aesthetics within each zone. Peter Staunton Interior Design’s favourite aspect of working on this project was the creative freedom they had to push the clients’ boundaries and imagination. This was made easier as the designers were working with a blank canvas as the property was a new build. The designers were able to perfectly integrate this project into its wider environment by using as many natural textures as possible, along with the simple soft furnishings, which seamlessly complement the large windows and help to frame the fantastic view that the property benefits from.

Peter Staunton Interior Design believe that the design works so well because the space feels proportionately right, which is enhanced by the flow of a variety of textures, colours, and furniture layouts. As the clients’ children had recently grown up, they were worried that the house might feel to large for just the two which would result in many areas of the house getting unused. The designers were able to incorporate a sense of more open plan living, yet still zoning off key areas for everyday living.