Project Name: Epoch

Designers: Andrew Hays & Kimm Kovac

Epoch, designed by Arteim, a series of furniture products that form the basis of an eclectic kitchen environment, referencing both the past and the modern global lifestyle. After the worldwide success of their first kitchen concept – The Fourth Wall (for Poggenpohl), Arteim were keen to explore developing a new design language for the kitchen environment.

In the design of Epoch, Arteim wanted to move away from the traditional kitchen furniture products that over the years seem to have remained firmly rooted in a themed aesthetic. Instead, keen to explore how a system of kitchen furniture could shift the kitchen environment to becoming a more eclectic and personalised space in the open plan home. Epoch is not a range as such, but more of a movement that also embraces the self-expression of tastes and style encouraging a broader, more personalised approach to kitchen design that reflects a client’s interests, passions and culture.

Epoch is produced as a system of furniture, therefore, there is an ease of specification and manufacture with a guarantee of quality. To the client, however, it is a truly bespoke product – not just in material selection but in its functionality and design. Each piece of furniture is designed to be adapted to the client’s budget, aspirations, lifestyle, the property and its location, from a London town house to a barn conversion each time delivering a highly unique and personalised solution.

Arteim’s passion is to push the boundaries between aesthetics and functionality through the use of materials and technology. Creating furniture such as baking counters, charcuteries and herbariums which harks back to more traditional freestanding kitchen furniture. Re-imagining pieces such as scullery tables and meat safes. The Epoch collection includes such pieces as; Glass Vitrine, Oil Cloth Island, Anthwart Cabinet and Scullery Table. Their designs fuse the aesthetics and functionality of the past with current modern technologies.