Project Name:  de la Promenade Avenue

Location: Avignon France

Date Completed: June 2018

Designer: Jamie Wemyss – JMW Furniture

Clermont Ltd were commissioned to design and build a range of solid Oak furniture for a client’s south of France residence.

The brief required the range to be completely adaptable, able to be used in a variety of different formations depending on how many guests are in attendance and the nature of the function. The clients also requested that the furniture be easily storable when not in use.

Taking into account the clients brief and the nature of the surroundings Clermont Ltd designed a system of 8 tables 8 benches and 17 chairs. The décor of the room the furniture was intended for is very light in colour and conscious not to overpower the room with such a large amount of furniture Clermont Ltd designed the range in Oak and left the overall finish natural, blending seamlessly into the room’s proportions and aesthetics.

Each individual piece is minimal in design with clean lines, not only does this give a polished sleek finish to the overall formation it also allows two chairs and two benches under each table when they are not in use enabling the whole of the collection to remain in the room, even when its not in use.

The overall installation is extremely specific to the clients brief however, the range can be easily adaptable to an environment of any size due to the ease of storage and the complete adaptability of the formations.