Project Name: Arcade Dining Table

Designer: DIA Art Design Ltd.

Date Completed: 2018

The Arcade Collection is a set of steel wood furniture inspired by industrial architecture in which a simplicity of form emphasizes the naturalness of the materials used. Entirely handmade from a specially selected and uniquely grained solid wood, and metal, protected by an artistically painted patina consisting of several colours. Regarding measurements, the table is w(210cm) x d(106cm) x h(75.5cm) and is finished with natural, golden moss hue. Each version is unique and unrepeatable. A simple fusion of a natural material and modern design which will suit almost any interior.

As in the yin and yang: the raw, industrial steel frame and legs contrast, while at the same time harmonise, with the warmth of the natural oak which is bleached and oiled to maximise its appearance and texture. The elegant lines of the steel legs add a character of refinement and sophistication to this piece.

DIA Art Design have a particular interest in beautifully crafted and perfectly made furniture and items. Their main desire is to bring more harmony and beauty into people’s homes through well made furniture. DIA Art Design’s handcrafted pieces are characterized by solidity, top quality, originality, beauty and timeless design. Each DIA art design piece is carefully designed and handcrafted using traditional methods and authentic natural materials with a great amount of passion and love.