Project Name: Apartment in an Old Established Building in Tel Aviv

Location: Tel- Aviv Israel

Date Completed: 2017

Interior Designer: Oshri Aviram & Dana Kushmirski

The total renovation for a 150 square metre apartment, the aim was to create maximum openness blending inside seamlessly with the outside environment. The clients were hoping for the highest quality customization; stylish but not formal; sophisticated but not feigned; intelligent but not pretentious; creative, innovative and free of time dependent fashion along with, of course, a warm, pleasant, comfortable atmosphere providing the necessary functionality for a family. The space is divided up to provide maximum openness inside and in terms of its connections with the outside. The different living areas in the public space and their functionalities are clearly defined, with complete separation from the private areas.

The clients are well travelled and have a passion for hosting dinner parties, so the public and entertaining areas were designed as an open space without a focal design element, instead using a linear geometric configuration in the modularizations, the materials and the different ways they are presented, based on careful consideration and their emphasis using light and shade. It contains several different elements, each with individual presence creating a precise, synergetic and harmonious composition.  Natural stone was placed as floating platforms along the length and width of the public space. The longitudinal elements successfully elongate the space. One of the floating platforms serves as a bench with two sitting spaces for the dining and living areas and it is also a platform for the display of object d’art, decorative pieces and lighting units. This platform also reinforces the links between the inside of the apartment and the outside.

Aviram-Kushmirski made minimal use of “readymade” Fixtures and fittings, instead the designers made maximum use of natural materials that are constantly present in everyone’s immediate environment and by doing that, made a direct connection between the exterior and the interior. Along with employing precious artisanal inputs displaying the artistic value in the traditional skills found locally. Together they create a work of art comprising layers and blocks, small details and broad statements; a spectrum of textures. Each natural material has its own language in perfect synergy with the distinct language of every other material.

The results express the designer’s enthusiasm and respect for natural materials and their never-ending efforts in the examination of boundaries and to go beyond the limits of natural materials. All that comes together in Aviram-Kushmirski’s design approach, which is based on “honest design”, emphasizing the purity and practicality in natural materials. This is organic design inserting nature itself into the space to create a feeling and a look that resonates with vitality and freshness.