Project Name: Angus Drive

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Date Completed: Spring 2018

Interior Designer: Janie Hungerford

Architect: Margot Innes Consultants

Photographer: Tracey Ayton

A classic Vancouver Tudor home was given a modern makeover through an extensive three-year renovation. While maintaining its heritage exterior, the interior was treated to an airy, streamlined plan, ideal for a family of four. Rich woods, textured fabrics and pops of colour were used to create a joyful family environment, a playful contrast to its textbook Tudor exterior.

The challenge at Angus Drive was to preserve a century old home while making it modern and functional. Far more complicated than a fixer-uppe, this project required an understanding of the structural nuances of a heritage property while still being able to bring the house into the 21st century. Hungerford Interior Design had to conceptualize architectural requirements, making specific adjustments to the floor plans and working alongside the home’s architect to ensure the seamless flow of structural and interior design.

The large two-storey home was lifted and extended, increasing the floor space and adding additional room for the family to grow into it without sacrificing the stunning landscaping that surrounded the structure. The most integral components of the home; doors, windows, lighting, all had to be rethought while keeping details of the original structure. Hungerford Interior Design believe a truly unique interior design should reflect who the homeowners are, from focal features to the smallest detail. Angus Drive was brought to life with an airy and sophisticated design, capturing the history of the home white inviting contemporary pieces to take centre stage. Hungerford Interior Design thoughtfully placed pops of colour that were inspired from the homeowners’ heritage.

What makes Angus Drive exceptional is the beautiful combination of heritage character and modern chic. Hungerford Interior Design are passionately committed to preserving the integrity and beauty of heritage structures across North America. While they knew the architectural design of Angus Drive would be dictated by the historical society, they were still able to capture the history of the home while inviting contemporary pieces to take centre stage. Historical residential and commercial architecture maps our journey and reminds us of where we came from. In cities like Vancouver, older homes are slowly being purchased and demolished to make way for new builds, while others remain standing but have fallen into disrepair. This is changing the landscape of our cities, in many cases stripping them of the design and architecture that holds our stories. Hungerford Interior Design’s intention with Angus Drive was to balance the neighbourhood’ s rich history with innovative design to bring it into the present day.