Project Name: Aerie
Location: USA
Date Completed: April 2017
Submitted By: Nathan Anthony Furniture
Designer: Tina Nicole

The architectural-inspired Aerie swivel chair is structured with an aerodynamic shape and charismatic angled wood components, creating a window-like effect on the back and sides. Nathan Anthony Furniture have created a 360-degree statement furniture design piece. Aerie’s signature graphic beckons notable street paintings of acclaimed French artist Thierry Noir, the first artist to paint the Berlin Wall. A thin contrast welt, designed in solid black, finishes off this handsome square-round chassis.

A barrel chair is great for bringing a room together. Tina Nicole, principal design at Nathan Anthony Furniture, wanted to create a square but round shape with floating a back. This floating back creates an anchor with the angled wood components that can be selected in any 9 wood finishes, specified by the client. The designer’s favourite aspect of the Aerie design is said to be the overall chassis shape and angled wood components, creating a unique piece.

Interior designers are looking for unique shapes to offer their clients. Aerie offers something that clients have not seen before. The designer also allows clients to select their choice of wood finish which adds a more personalised style statement. The Aerie design is the finishing touch to an interior environment because of its unique but not distracting shape. It is an elegant distraction but does not take over the main focus of a design scheme.