Project name: The Verge House

Location:  Coronado Island, CA, US

Date Completed: Fall 2018

Architect: Crossman Architecture

Interior Designer:  Estudio Frisch

Construction Company: Hill Construction Company


A living, contemporary home for a private family of four, with design focusing the eye on created beauty.

This unexpectedly imaginative custom home was conceptualised and built by Hill Construction Company for a professional couple with two children. The inwardly focused design perfectly suits the family’s desire for privacy, offering a brilliant response to site constraints through architectural expression.

The subdued yet captivating front façade, clad in exquisite Shou Sugi Ban, hides the home’s most significant features from the street. Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass and Jatoba wood, the first-floor design focuses the eye on created beauty including a suspended hanging wall with a ceramic art installation, a cantilevered staircase, and a custom sculptural children’s play stage which doubles as storage. The living, dining, and kitchen areas subvert traditional distinctions between interior and exterior space through use of retractable glass walls focusing on the courtyard and L-shaped acrylic pool.

The “indoor-outdoor confusion” is taken a step further as the second floor’s master suite wraps around a Bamboo tree that extends out of the roof’s oval oculus. This shared outdoor deck leads directly to the vegetated roof garden. The roof garden contains an organic vegetated roof with custom planters and pavers. This provides shade and cooling to the space below.

To add to the home’s meditative nature, the master bathroom’s yoga area has a 9’ x 9’ living green wall which looks out to the cantilevered lap pool extending over the hand-chiselled limestone landscape below. The design created an inward view towards the central courtyard, blurring the lines of indoor-outdoor throughout, and was intended to both privatise the home from the wider environment, and also connect the home to the wider environment through design features such as the vegetated roof garden and the green living wall.