Project name: Totems Over Time

Location: New Dehli India

Construction Company: Klove Studio

The collection features elegant structures that are brought to life where each piece takes references from tribal icons and motifs. Totems Over Time features 4 installations in glass and metal, including gold. Enthralling and ‘God-like’ in stature, their construction is an ode to the laws of divine geometry. Their inherent balance and symmetry is an expression of how Time keeps everything in Harmonious Order. Each encourages us to find our centre, by looking into the unflinching, all-seeing eye of the deities of time. Here is a ‘moon,’ there, a ‘spear.’ Here are ‘wings.’ Klove Studio’s Totems reflect what we need, in order to continue our Journeys.

Totems Over Time also features 6 ‘necklaces;’ for the People of the old ways often wore their Totem as a symbol of their heritage, of their tribe; and of their bravery and honour. These bold, vivid pieces of ‘jewellery’ have been created in tones of precious emerald, ruby, jade, sapphire, tourmaline, topaz, pearl, onyx and moonstone. The gold, brass and bronze finishing represents the noble, yet ‘salt-of- the-earth’ spirit of the Shaman Way.

The key aspect of this project is the integration of different materials like hand blown glass, brass, stainless steel and sprecious stones such as Onyx, Lapis, Lasuli, Citrin, Garnet and smokey Quartz.

Our installations serve more than just one purpose. They are light installations which are also placed as beautiful art pieces which can transform any space into a mesmerising area.

The “Totems over Time” collection was inspired by the totemic beliefs of the native American people. Our Totems are personal and precious, because they are a symbol of our strengths and how we have used them to overcome our weaknesses. They remind us of every decision and experience that led to the creation of our Totems in the first place, thereby rejuvenating our sense of Purpose. Each product is handcrafted using hand blown glass.