Project Name: Madison Apartments Warsaw

Location: Poland

Date Completed: June 2019


The concept derives from the client’s theatrical passions who wanted to achieve the effect of a live theatre, both inside and outside the apartment. The interior is modern and elegant, with warm accents creating a cosy atmosphere throughout. The two-flow window is the key feature of the design, working with the ever-changing natural lighting coming from outside to create multiple ambiences.

The client, a theatre costume designer, wanted a New York style apartment, but in the middle of Warsaw. The designers have created this triplex penthouse apartment, inspired by the idea of a live theatre. The large windows represent the theatre curtain and the breath-taking view of the city plays the role of the spectacle on the stage for all to see.

The beautiful view of Warsaw can be viewed from the rooftop, where the sliding roof and windows give opportunity to sit outside from early Spring to late Autumn. Every element of this project was thought out and refined with the design concept in mind.

Most of the furniture was custom made especially for this project, designed by Katarzyna Kraszewska. This meant it was possible to design special lighting settings and hidden elements such as chimney shafts or cabinets with office equipment. The home office on the second floor is an open space which can be changed around to create extra sleeping room for guests when needed.

The project incorporates XVII century philosophy in art Gesamstkunstwerk, where every piece of interior and exterior are involved: Light. View. Art. Sound. The most important aspect for the project was to create an interior which integrates with the amazing view. The stairs were designed to become a sculptural feature of the apartment and not obstruct the view. The staircase is light and aims to resemble a flowing ribbon of dancing a ballerina.

KATARZYNA KRASZEWSKA ARCHITEKTURA WNĘTRZ believe that the awards are an opportunity to show Polish designs and projects to the international public and are also great motivation to design unique projects in the future.