Project: Exquisite Clubhouse

Location: Hong Kong

Date Completed: December 2017

Architect: Anterior Construction Limited

Interior Designer: Anterior Design Limited

Construction Company: Anterior Construction Limited

With an Area of over 8000sqft, the private clubhouse situated in Mid-levels on Hong Kong Island is adorned with tailored timber and natural stone. The use of different shapes and colours are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, there hangs a stylish lighting sculpture, producing a water-like natural light flow which brings vibrancy into a room. The Clubhouse is elevated with the use of bright colours and elements of different materials as embellishments. The entrance foyer is a grand area within the property that creates a feeling for the rest of the property including the dining area and the entire entertainment space. The designer added a sense of charm to the rooms by customizing the lighting, wall covering material as well as the furniture, which creates a great overall impression.

The property is full of high ceilings which is the highlight of the space. The designer has had several bespoke chandeliers made to enhance the ambience and uniqueness of the house. The spatial planning that was done by the designer helped to isolate areas creating a great flow through the property and make use of the space. Full height ceilings have been separated on 2 floors, but the full-length ceiling was kept at the main entrance of the house to maintain the sense of space. Luxury materials have been used such as marble, wooden veneer and fabric wall covering to help create a feeling of elegance and class within the property.

A good design is tailored for customers which helps them fulfil theirs needs. The client of this property loves big and unique chandeliers. Anterior Design Limited took full instruction of this by creating a spectacular lighting sculpture at the entrance and staircases.

Design is not only about the interior and exterior, its also about the connection from the architecture to the spatial planning, from the layout to the colour and furnishing materials used as well as the landscape design. All these elements must be in keeping and complement each other. There are no boundaries between them, and the influence becomes stronger when they are connected.