Project Name: Esse 72 Table

Location: Italy

Date Completed: April 2019

Architect: Reflex Spa

The Esse 72 Table was born from the innovative vision of Luciano Lucatello (aka Tulcinsky) who, with his strong ability to shape and form glass, has brought to the market a table that combines both fluidity and sculptural lines.

Esse 72 is a dining table, with bases created from smoothly curved glass, designed to be either completely transparent or in Marble. The table also features a satin finished base and uses Reflex Spa’s patent Lazy Susan technology.

The key characteristic of the exquisitely designed table is the sinuous base, that interprets the letter “S”. The base allows the table to become completely self-supporting and stand strongly. Reflex Spa are innovative and are always revolutionising the forms that they work with. Depending on the size of the table desired, it can be customised to have a single-leg or multi-leg style, meaning it won’t lose its strong character that blinks its eye to the technology.

The flowing sinuosity of the glass has been designed with a striking metallic finish, which when struck by light creates a majestic chiaroscuro effect. This then further enhances the luxurious aesthetics and materiality of the product.

The Esse 72 Table is daringly original in its design, being expressed through three key design aspects; the simple “S” form base, creating the most effective, with standing base. The choice of glass due to its exceptional compression characteristics and the concept to insert the double Lazy Susan on a rectangular table.

The Esse 72 has the aim to link the East and the West jointly to a sole table in order to give a new expression and a different meaning to the crystal industrial technology. It was born from the idea of innovation as a means of creating something unique, with strong links to the craftsmen of Italy’s hometowns and traditions.

Reflex Spa believe that The International Design & Architecture Award allows them to explore different environments which integrate tradition, innovation and sustainability. The various stylistic languages come together to create a unique, exclusive, material scenography.