Project Name: ANTIC

Location: Moscow, Russia

Date Completed: 2018

Interior Designer: Jenya Lykasova

This project features a modern bathroom, with antique notes, in a country house. Fond of ancient culture, the clients were implementing the interior of their house in a way to resemble historic features, yet still be modern and sleek. This resulted in a space that gracefully combines contemporary style with old-time elements, supporting the vibe of the rest of the house.

The space is divided into four functional zones united in a single interior concept to create a harmonious, holistic and cosy place. The four zones include a bathroom zone, washbasin zone, shower zone, and Hammam. The accent group is a washbasin group with oval mirrors, framed with a dark pink metal edge and large sinks resembling antique bowls. The light is built into the mirrors, having custom-designed wooden window shutters curtain the windows, allowing the natural light to come through.

To provide storage possibility whilst still preserving the space integrity, J.Lykasova introduced a hidden storage area that simply looks like dark green wall finish, yet provides plenty of space for bathroom amenities and even a TV set.

Paying special attention to the details, the designers used repeated forms and materials in the design elements and decor. For instance, rounded corners, oval mirrors, oval buttons and switches, rounded lamps and sinks-bowls. The wooden material and colour is repeated on the door finish, roller blinds and bath stand finish; deep pink metal shade in the washbasin group is repeated in the mirror edges and sink cabinets; the triangular finish of the concrete wall and the green colour are also repeated throughout the interior.

The bathroom is intended to be a place where clients could take a break after a busy working day and so they designed the minimalistic, pastel coloured Hammam. The hammam integrates seamlessly into its layout and augments the functional capabilities of the large space.

The combination of each design detail results in a well-thought-out, holistic design that neatly balances modern interior solutions with ancient architecture pieces, bringing in a relaxed, calm and peaceful atmosphere.