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The International Yacht &
Aviation Awards


Hosted by leading interior design magazine design et al and leading yacht and aviation design magazine Luxe et al, The International Yacht & Aviation Awards reward the best in design from across the globe.

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards are now in their 10th year and established as a key event in the calendar. More than that however, they are the only design-focused awards for the industry. There are other events which are, of course, are similar in nature, but none that have come about with the sole intention on focusing on the essential design elements of both the yacht and aviation sectors.

At design et al and Luxe et al, we are passionate about design from an innovative and inspirational perspective. The aim of The International Yacht & Aviation Awards is really very simple: we want to create an opportunity firstly for designers, naval architects, shipyards, private jet manufacturers and product designers to showcase their work, but more than that to enable Luxe et al readers and the global design community to see and to celebrate some of the best design schemes, product launches and innovation from throughout the world.

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 2015 Winners   |   2014 Winners   |   2013 Winners

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